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Daily Collagen

Daily Collagen

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DAILY COLLAGEN is contains pure collagen in the form of easily digestible peptides. It has only one ingredient - Verisol® hydrolized bovine collagen - renowned for its neutral taste and smell, as well as its high solubility. Verisol® is a top quality product whose effects have been confirmed in clinical trials.

Unlike other collagens offered on the market, Daily Collagen is like a chameleon. It will discreetly adapt to your rituals. It does not change the taste of coffee, tea, juice or smoothie.

Daily Collagen can be added to hot or cold drinks and dishes, so you can enjoy all the benefits of collagen supplementation regardless of your taste preferences.

Collagen is a protein, a building block of your body, which constitutes a scaffolding, among others for your skin, hair and nails. It improves skin elasticity and firmness, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, ensures regeneration and hydration, strengthens bones and supports digestion. 

Daily Collagen supports your body in the daily fight against skin aging. Consuming collagen peptides makes the skin firmer and smoother and slows down the process of wrinkles. By supplementing your diet with our product, you will improve the structure of your skin, which will help reduce cellulite and improve the growth and health of your nails.

Daily Collagen gives you the opportunity to strengthen your self-care and do "something good" for yourself.

What makes Daily Collagen unique?

Daily Collagen is characterized by a simple formula and very high quality. It does not contain artificial additives and sugars. It helps solve skin problems from the inside through the metabolism of collagen in the dermis. The composition contains two types of bioactive collagen peptides: type 1 and type 3, which stimulate fibroblasts and activate biochemical transformations responsible for the synthesis of new collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid. Daily Collagen contains a unique composition of amino acids due to the content of glycine, proline and lysine.

Another important aspect is the absorption of collagen (bioavailability), which is related to the size of the molecules. They must be small enough to penetrate the intestinal wall and be incorporated into the skin, tendons and joints. That's why in Daily Collagen you will find particles of the size of 2,000 Daltons - the smallest available on the market.

What do you need to know?


Hydrolized beef collagen – Verisol®

How to use:

The recommended daily dose is 6 g. Dissolve one portion of the product - 6 g (2 scoops) in 200 ml of hot or cold drink (coffee, tea, juice, smoothie or water) and mix thoroughly.

Made in Poland.

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